You can

 only start to achieve your full potential when you realise that the only thing stopping you is You.

Debbie Anderson


Journey Content

Path 1: Leading self

  • Who am I? Personality profile & journey of discovery​
  • Understanding emotional intelligence​
  • Courageous conversations​
  • Developing agility​

Path 2: Leading high performance

  • Connecting to purpose​
  • Fundamentals of coaching and mentoring​
  • Giving and receiving feedback​
  • Managing meetings​

Path 3: Leading without authority

  • How to influence when you are not in charge​
  • Communication keys and tools​
  • Personal brand​
  • Managing up

Path 4: Leading business

  • Networking and collaboration​
  • Tools for success​
  • Financial literacy​
  • Strategic leadership

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Keen to find how to bring this innovative blended learning approach into your company?

“This course has been life-changing for me. I remember the first module we had to have a chat with our manager and we both agreed that the material we are learning about should be learned by everyone, not only emerging leaders.”

“I share as much as I can not only with my peers but with my family as well. It has been inspirational and has provided me with the tools I need to be a leader AND has made me believe in myself more.”

“My experience on this learning journey has been invaluable. My EQ has grown leaps and bounds not only in dealing with the work environment but also skills I have used in my private life as well. The size of the cohort is also ideal because it is not too big, which allows for better engagement from every participant, no one feels left out.”

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