We don't

 drift in good directions. We discipline and prioritize ourselves there.

Andy Stanley (Principal of the Path: How to get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be)


Journey Content

Path 1: Leading self​

  • Developing Self Awareness​
  • Effective Communication​
  • Crucial Conversations​
  • Building Trust​

Path 2: Leading others​

  • Leading change​
  • Leading high performance​
  • Creating a culture of learning and growth​
  • Managing poor performance​

Path 3: Leading the business

  • Business Acumen​
  • Understanding our organisation​
  • Tools for success​
  • Management effectiveness

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“I have grown so much in doing this course both personally and professionally. Throughout the whole process, there are hands-on / on the job applications of what we are learning. For example, in the first path, we focused on communication styles and preferences. I did the test with each of my team members and it was spot on and once I applied the different styles I could see a tangible difference in them and their work.”


“I used to struggle truly listening to my team members and got easily distracted by things around me and just give them an answer based on what I heard. Since I changed my approach I have seen an increase in interactions between myself and my team as they now feel that they are being heard and that relevant action is being taken based on what was said.


“I have applied the managing conflict process various times during and since this course and it has assisted in improving relationships. Just by including the process step “Impact” provides clearer information and reasoning to my team member. By providing more information the crucial conversation turns into a learning opportunity allowing my team member to grow.”


“The impact of the on-the-job application activity in module 3 of the Leading Others path was significant for me and my team members. I was way out of my comfort zone and they received the praise and recognition they deserved. I do give positive feedback to my team members but only when passing by, this forced me to schedule a 30min session with each team member and confirm with them their value to the team and company.”


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